LA-born and raised rapper Yung Yogi is known for his bold style, aggressive flow, and extravagant aesthetic. He began his career in music when he was fresh out of high school and his hard rock/metal band, Volumes, started to gain international success. Years later, he began rapping with his childhood best friend Shakewell, which eventually led to releasing music on SoundCloud in 2015. At the time, Yogi was focused solely on Volumes but was still releasing rap songs on SoundCloud on the side. In 2020, Yogi left Volumes and began fully pursuing his rap career.

Yung Yogi released his debut album “A Rush of Dope to the Head” on his
28th birthday, May 1st, 2019. The album beautifully showcased Yogi’s
artistic range with half of the songs focusing on catchy melodies,
singing, and relaxed vibes, while the other half delivered energetic
beats and fast-paced rapping. Yogi is also known for writing songs
that reflect his past struggles with drug abuse. Yung Yogi will release his highly anticipated double album "Transient Life | Infinite Rest" on December 19th, 2020.

Yung Yogi has collaborated with many well-known rappers including
Smokepurpp, Pouya, Ghostemane, Bbno$, and many others. He has also
worked with producers such as Getter, Zaytoven, and Mikey the
Magician. In a genre that holds respect and “clout” to a very high
standard, Yogi has done a phenomenal job of surrounding himself with
the best of the best, which has earned him a great deal of honor
within the hip-hop community. In every aspect of his life and his
career, Yogi continues to prove that he is truly destined for success
as a rapper and a rockstar.

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